What is a safety test to buy a gun?

You are referring to a Safe Handling Demonstration: you must correctly demonstrate specific steps to safely loading and unloading the firearm in the presence of a DOJ Certified Instructor.

I still have a valid HSC. Can I use it when buying firearms?

Depends on the type of the firearms you are going to purchase. Yes, if you want to buy a handgun. And no in case of a long gun. You should get FSC, and it will cover both long guns and handguns.

How long is FSC valid?

Firearm Safety Certificates in California are valid for 5 years from the date of issuance.

Can I take Firearms Safety Certification online?

Unfortunately, no. Only in person, so go to your local gun store or to firearm courses.

How many questions does FSC test contain?

30 questions. You should answer 23 of them correctly to pass.

What is the minimum legal age to acquire FSC?

21 years old. If you want to buy long guns, the absolute minimum in theory is 18 years old. But that's doable only if you are a hunter (possess a valid, unexpired hunting license issued by the Department of Fish and Wildlife), an active peace officer, an active federal officer or law enforcement agent, - i.e. if exemptions apply in your case. Exemptions are not applicable to handguns, handguns can be purchased since the age of 21.

Where to take Firearm Safety Certificate test?

Go to your local firearm store. Such test requires a presence of DOJ Certified Instructor, and firearm stores are good place to find them.

What are the requirements to get FSC?

You have to be 18 years old and you must have your California Driver's License on you (California DMV Identification Card will work as well).

What are the exemptions from FSC?

There are two legit exemptions from FSC requirement: 1) you have a valid HSC (for purchasing handguns only); or 2) a valid hunting licence (for purchasing long guns only).

What is the fee for taking FSC test?

$25. And it includes a possibility to re-take your test once.

AFAIK large-capacity magazines are illegal, but can I buy .22LR magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds?

Yes, you absolutely can. This confinement is not applicable to rimfire magazines.

Is there any limit on the number of firearms I can purchase?

No, there are no restrictions on that. However, waiting period before pickup and one-handgun-per-30-days requirement will affect the amount of firearms you can purchase during a certain timespan.

I have heard that your driving record can affect your eligibility to own firearms.

Yes, that's correct. There are convictions (for example, felony DUI) which prohibit you from owning firearms.

I have a concealed handgun license in Oregon. Is it valid in California?

No, California has its own CCW permits, so any other state's CCW cannot be used in The Golden State.

Can I use a temporary driving license as an ID for buying firearms?

No, unfortunately, you cannot. Only permanent card will work.

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